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After the Storm

New Album from
Murray Boal and Bob Campbell

Sound clips from the new album


murray boal /bob campbell

                 photo by Jillian Merrick



  ".... two good ol' boys who actually live what they write and sing about.Their contemporary folk repertoire is peppered with banjo and mandolin, hinting at traditional music as well. Thirty years of friendship and sharing musical common ground is apparent in every performance and wins them new fans and friends wherever they go...."


      December 20013                                                                                                           

      photo by Bob Blaue                                        


  The wingdamrablers have a new album, SHED!

Songwriters Murray Boal and Bob Campbell have once again joined forces as the wingdamramblers. The album, their second, is a mixture of Murray's rural storytelling songs and Bob's heartfelt, sometimes humorous songs. Like the first album, SHED has a contemporary folk sound, but with a bit more of an acoustic feel.... lots of mandolin and banjos... 

Bob and Murray are both long time Cariboo residents. Bob now living in the historic gold mining town of Wells and Murray at Dragon Mt. Farm in the Quesnel River Valley. Many of their songs are inspired by life in the colourful Cariboo, titles like" Company Town"  (as relevant as ever with the recent lumbermill closures in our area), "Never Too Old", "Horselogger's Waltz", and the crowd pleasing "dogs#*tseason" 


"….with the exception of "penny", SHED represents the past for us. the concept was to bring back to life pre wingdamrambler tune  that our friends, fans, as well as ourselves still enjoy listening to.we're very pleased with the results and we hope you like it too…."


CD's available at Green Tree Health and Wellness in Quesnel BC,   Island Mt Arts Gallery and the Bears Paw in Wells BC,   mail order at  dmfarm@goldcity.net,  or now on iTunes...

  also on facebook      www.facebook.com/wingdamramblers






Bob Campbell and Murray Boal both arrived in the Cariboo region of central BC in the early 1970’s.

  During the 1970’s Murray lived on communal farms, in a First Nations community, and on a float house in the wilds of Quesnel Lake. He started writing songs about his rural experiences and began performing around campfires, at coffeehouses and local community halls. Murray eventually settled at Dragon Mountain Farm an organic vegetable and sheep farm in the beautiful Quesnel River Valley.

  Bob, on the other hand, arrived in the Cariboo gold mining town of Wells where he attained a “masters degree”, drumming for country bands, drinking beer and playing pool. That led to almost two decades of balancing a family, work, and dusty dance halls on weekends

 photo by Bill Horne

 Bob and Murray met in 1980. Over the next wild and crazy 10 years they played together in a variety of country and rock dance bands. There is hardly a bar, community hall or banquet room in the Cariboo where they did not perform.


  In 1993 Murray released the first of three CDs of his rural storytelling songs. Since then Murray’s music has been featured regularly on CBC radio as well as receiving folk/roots radio airplay around the world.

In the early 1990’s Bob moved to the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island and began focusing more on his song writing. Bob became a regular on the Vancouver Island folk/roots music scene. In 2004 Bob released his first CD, “ditchflowers”. Bobs heartfelt, sometimes humorous, songs have also received CBC and folk/roots radio airplay.

                                                                                                                                                         photo by Mark Forsythe
 Bob relocated back to Wells in 2007, and Bob and Murray rekindled there musical relationship…… “the wingdamramblers” were born.

the wingdamramblers released there debut CD in June 2009


The name wingdamramblers comes from the ghost town of Wingdam, situated near Barkerville on British Columbia’s historic Cariboo Gold Rush Trail.

High Resolution Promotional Photo

(photo by Mark Forsythe)



wingdamramblers promotion poster 



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