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Murray Boal - Gigs & New

December 2013




We have had a great response to the new album, SHED. Thanks to all who have picked up a copy, mail ordered it , or downloaded it from iTunes, Bob and I really appreciate it. We have had a little CBC airplay and  a play in New Zealand!     Everything going well health wise with me, ready for a good holiday season.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  photos by Deb Mckay



December 2013


The new album is done .Our first home grown effort and ( with the help of Corwin Fox's mastering) Bob and I are happy with it.


It was also great to" wingdamrablerize" some of our older songs. We slowed some down, lowered some keys ( I just can't sing like I use to) and used lots of mandolin and banjo. The only percussion was some foot tapping and a little bit of brushes on a suitcase. The whole thing is very acoustic. The CD cover is also quite unique and we are happy with it as well!

We are very encouraged by the project and have another CD worth of new songs to start recording some time in the  future.




We hope you all like it too.....




November 2013

Rehearsing in Bob's music room in Wells

photo by Deb Mckay


October 2013

new wingdamrambler album on it's way!  


 July 2013

All's well with me, another clear scan in June,








 Janet and I went on a cross Canada train trip in May. We had a wonderful time.









                             we also got away for a short camping trip this month to Hornby Island

                         we have been enjoying some beautiful summer weather here in the Cariboo,

             the wingdamramblers are still at work on our new recording, it will be done sometime soon......







   Bud Merz, of my "Buds Sawmill" song fame, passed away in December. It was a sad day  He was a great guy "the last of a generation".  ... Bud's son Robert is a photographer and a videographer . He has produced a series of short videos of Bud telling stories and talking about his various antique tractors and cars that he has rebuilt over the last 50 years. The videos are very good and Bud has turned into a bit of an internet superstar with over 350,000 hits on youtube! Check it out at      



 Robert has more footage to put together and wants to use the the song.  

so... I decided to rerecord a more accoustic, laid back, version of the song that I thought

would fit in  with these videos , it will be on the new wingdamrambler album                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             photo by Robert Merz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     




    November/ December 2012










September, 2012


In mid May, after having some strange facial twitchs, I was diagnosed with a 2 cm. tumour on my right temporal lobe of my brain. I had brain surgery in mid June to remove it, luckily it was operable and they were  able to remove all of it. Unluckily, after pathology of the tumour , I was told that I had the most aggresive form of brain cancer, Glioblastoma Multiform. It is an extemely difficult kind of cancer to treat.

Suddenly  our lives have changed.

After 4 weeks recovering from the surgery I spent 7 weeks in Vancouver this summer having radiation and chemo therapy. I have now had 4 weeks off and am preparing to start 6 months of chemo. I have to have MRI's every 2 months.

Inspite of the grim statistics, I am feeling hopeful about my outcome and am lucky to have my partner Janet to take care of me. My friends and neighbours have been incredibly generous.

I am laying pretty low, but am trying to play some music.


 thanks to all




June, 2012


Because of a health issue, I am going to be taking some time off from the farm and my little music career this summer. Hopefully I will be back in the saddle at some point here.

Thanks to all the family, friends and neighbours who've been helping out.


 we will talk to you soon.










On the music front, the wingdamramblers are going strong, with a bunch of new tunes that we are going to hopefully record at some point in the future. A new wingdamrambler album!!






photo by Jillain Merrick


We are also hoping to play some this summer. I’ll post the dates…


 All for now


 Friday March 9th 2012  8:00 pm  Café Voltaire ( Books and Company) Prince George BC



October 2011

Another season of vegetables growing is done. It has been perhaps the most challenging season we have experienced in our 20 years of market gardening. It was cool and rainy all of June and July. The first half of August was sunny but cool.



We did get our bumper crop of hay put up.  If it hadn’t been for the warm spell we had in September many of the late crops (corn, squash, beans) would not have ripened. Oh well, enough complaining….


On the positive side, early October has been glorious, sunny days, bright yellow leaves. It has been perfect fall weather. Now we have to clean up the garden, finish getting fire wood and hunker down for the winter….







Music wise, I have had a few good gigs this summer along with my fellow wingdamrambler, Bob Campbell. We have a bunch of new tunes that we want to start recording sometime this winter. I have also been getting together with some old musical pals ( from my rock & roll past)  to play for a good friends birthday bash this month. Its been loud but  a lot of fun.







Also, one of my new songs, Working for Betty Frank, is being used to promote a soon to be published book by Sage Birchwater and Betty Frank   .www.caitlin-press.com/what.html  . Betty is a true Cariboo character, a  hunting guide (with a one million acre guiding area in the wilds of the Cariboo mountains at one time),  dog musher, horse wrangler, small logging contractor, teacher, story teller,  and late '60s teen rock band manager. I worked for her  in the late 1970’s. Betty turned 80 this year.


 here  is a demo for your listening pleasure,


  Working For Betty Frank



 That’s all for now….



 ps.   here is a link to a blog from Peter North of CKUA radio in Alberta about the town of Wells and the wingdamramblers!