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After the Storm

New Album from
Murray Boal and Bob Campbell

Sound clips from the new album

Murray Boal - Photo Gallery


December full moon 2013...  dragon mt farm


Bobs Room,  November 2013

Photo by Deb Mckay


Bella Coola August 2013



with sister Robin,  Hornby Island July 2013


      Bud Merz 1927 - 2012

  photo by Robert W Merz


dragon mt farm, winter, 2012


Melaque Mexico 2012


with Betty Frank at Quesnel Lake, 2011


Christian Petersen's " All Those Drawn to Me" book launch 2010

  photo by Sage Birchwater 


Abbey Road, London  2010


St Ives, Cornwall, Engand  2010


picking cauliflower 2010

pea pickin' at Dragon Mt Farm 2010

photos by Anne Adams

smoked out 2010

the wingdamramblers in Prince George 2010

  photo by Deb McKay



Dragon Mt Farm 2010                                                                      Janet discing with Ruth and Luke


 Victoria Folk Music Society Coffee House  2010

   photo by Deb Mckay

 with Black Man Clay, Bisbee Arizona 2009




  photo ?

 Billy Barker Days, Quesnel, B.C.  2009

photo by Deb Mckay

artswells 08 2009

photo by Jillian Merrick

the wingdamramblers with David Francey and Craig Werth !!  ArtsWells Festival, Wells BC  2009

photo by Deb MacKay

Islands Folk Festival, Duncan B.C.  2009

photo by Ron Carter       photo  ?

Wingdam ( there is nothing left today)

wingdamramblers CD release party, (with guest Heath Onstine) Island Mt Art Gallery, Wells 2009

 photo by Deb McKay



the wingdamramblers 2009
photo by Bill Horne

MB & the Cultvators, live! 2008

Quesnel Farmers Market 2007
   photo by Quesnel Advisor

Duncan Garage 2007
MB & Tom Neville



Artswells, 2006, Sunset Theatre, Yael Wand, David Newberry, Bob Campbell, MB

 Cultivators cd release party 2005


From left
Barry McKillican,Murray Boal, Chris Hartridge, Heath Onstine, & Tom Neville









    Cultivators  2005

photo by Lynette WInders

   Roberts Creek Hall, 2004, with the Precious Littles


Rock PIcking Festival 2003, " Binder Twine", MB, Louise Orieux, Tom Neville

MB & Friends
 photo from around 1995

Chris Hartridge, Heath Onstine, Lyman Winders and MB

Jack of Clubs Hotel burning down

Quesnel Farmers Market, Joel Stern, Lyman Winders, Chris Hartridge, MB,  year?

   Railway Club, Vancouver, BC, 1995
photo by Myron Kozak

   Mission Folk Fest, 1994, Charlie Knowles, MB, Tom Neville, Chris Hartridge (hidden as usual)







 Billy Barker Days, Quesnel B.C, 1993



  Blue Wave Studio, Vancouver BC, 1993











The Tornados
 Tom Salley, Bob Campbell and MB, 1987?









 Binder Twine (sort of) 1980, Jamie Baugh (replacing Tom Hennecker on bass because it was Tom's wedding) MB, Barry Krangle, Tom Neville, and Max Perry (sitting in with a really short cord)



  first Rockpicking Festival, 1980,Tom Hennecker,M ike Doherty, MB, Lynette Winders, Tom Neville



  1969   MB, Joel Schacter, Van Wilson

   my two sons Sparky and Henry


  sheep feeding , Dragon Mt Farm

Dragon Mountain Farm

  photo by Jitka Pechancova


above three photos by Dianne Whelan