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After the Storm

New Album from
Murray Boal and Bob Campbell

Sound clips from the new album

Murray Boal

Two Hands
My grandfather built his own house, my father was an architect and woodworker, I'm a carpenter of sorts and my son is learning to be a woodworker.

Company Town
The story of many a town in northern British Columbia

Big Sky
I went on a sheep buying trip to southern Alberta where the drought was so severe that even the big trees were dying. Came home with this song

Ticket for the Big Smoke
I wrote this song after one of my many overnight bus rides from the Cariboo to Vancouver.

Bamfield is a beautiful small community on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. In the late 1970's I went there a couple of times to play with my band Binder Twine.

Lights of the Laketown
This song was inspired by my first visit, thirty years ago, to the famous Williams Lake Stampede.

As Far as He Could See
A sort of true Cariboo cowboy song

The Farmer is the One
I learned this 1860 written song from an old Pete Seegar album. It was originally called The Farmer is the Man

They'll be Back
The huge sockeye salmon run in the Quesnel River was virtually wiped out, mostly by hydraulic gold mining, in the early 1900's. One hundred years later the salmon are returning

Horseloggers Waltz
I wrote this for my hard working eco-forestry horselogging friend.

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