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After the Storm

New Album from
Murray Boal and Bob Campbell

Sound clips from the new album

Murray Boal - Bud's Sawmill

Good Rain
Inspired by the smell of a much needed summer rain.

Sugarcane Hall
I lived a year in the 1970's at Sugarcane, home to the Shuswap people of the Williams Lake Indian Band. I spent that year growing vegetables, cutting firewood, and playing a ton of music

Chilcotin Moon
A song for B.C.'s vast and beautiful Chilcotin plateau

Frank's Stories
My father in-law drove semi-truck the 500 miles between Vancouver and Prince George BC in the 1950's, 60's and 70's and "there's one of Franks stories around every bend"

Steady and Strong
For Janet, my partner for 22 years

Travelling On
Looking back at my teenage years in North Vancouver.

River on the Rise
We live on the banks of the Quesnel River, which has an incredible fluctuation in water level throughout the year. There is serious flooding about every 25 years. 1972 was the last big flood.

Bud's Sawmill
Bud Merz has run his small sawmill west of Quesnel BC for fifty years. I used to take the occasional small load logs there and help him mill them up. There are only a handful of these one-man sawmills left in the Cariboo

Finally Ran
The helpless feeling of seeing someone ruin there life with drinking.

Train Song
A mood-swinging railway song

Four Walls
Watching someone losing their battle with mental illness is a scary thing

Paddle Away
In 2000 I suffered a serious hand injury, This is the first song I wrote after the injury (one year later), wishing I was canoeing on the Bowron Chain of Lakes up in the Cariboo Mountains

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