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Murray Boal

Contemporary Folk Music - Singer/Songwriter

August 23, 1955 - May 26, 2015

I miss him. I was introduced to Murray and his partner, Janet, by my late partner Sandi, the author of the introduction below and Murray's #1 fan. Knowing Murray was an absolute pleasure. I loved his spirit, his attitude, his wit, his passion and his music. There is a lot to love with Murray. He touched a lot of lives and a great many people loved him. That speaks a lot more of the man than I could ever put into words here.

So I am reminded again that time is precious. Tell the people you love that you love them. Get in as many hugs as you can and hope that we are not reminded of precious time again for a long, long time.

Meanwhile, Murray's music lives on. Please browse the site, listen to Murray's music and enjoy. For more information about Murray, please visit the Remembering Murray Boal Facebook page for pictures, memorial information and to share any memories that you may have.


Murray's been a singer songwriter all of his adult life and a friend for over twenty five years.

Over the years myself and others have worked communally with Murray; farming with horses, horse logging and organic gardening. And we have all had the pleasure of listening to him play his guitar and sing his brand of folk music. I have many pleasant campfire memories of Murray playing and singing just for the enjoyment of others. Murray's inspiration for his music comes from the spirit of the people and places of the rich and colorful Cariboo Chilcotin, a region of central British Columbia, Canada near Barkerville, the Bowron Lakes and the historic community of Wells.

Murray writes and sings from his life and his experiences. Through Murray's music, you get a wonderful window on life in the Cariboo with songs about old friends, old watering holes and his musings on whatever he is doing at the time.

Murray has recorded four CDs and produced music videos. Murray's music has received folk/roots radio airplay around the world, concert and festival time as well as being used in documentary film scores.

In addition to being an accomplished musician, Murray is a woodworker, organic vegetable farmer, and family man. I don't live on the farm anymore but Murray still does, raising kids, sheep, and vegetables. And still playing great music that is as much a part of us as it is of him.

Sandi Forbes